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bartello 28-May-23 16:04pm View    
Thank u! About "any" k5054 already said. I've tried it and everything looks OK!
bartello 28-May-23 15:38pm View    
Thank u for your comment, but...
1. I don't understand what did u mean. Am I violating the Liskov principle by wanting to implement this mechanism? Or using "any" is violation?
2. And what did u mean by saying "use some enum value and a common class or disable some properties"?
bartello 28-May-23 13:48pm View    
Thank u! Maybe! I'll try "any". So I will need type deduction then! Thank u one more time. I didn't think about "any"
bartello 28-May-23 11:37am View    
Thank u!
bartello 28-May-23 11:24am View    
Each time I create a new vector, and then I copy this vector into the one I need. Instead of this, I would like to just add values to the vector (don't care what type they are).
I'm parsing a file where the data type is written from the very beginning. Then I read the rest of the file (data which type is on the first line). So, ideally, I would like to have a vector where I would add the data without caring what type they are.