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gardnerp 11-Jun-21 11:06am View    
Yes. Pull data, then sort. If for some reason you need the database to handle it, you can use a switch statement. That way the full query can be setup in advance and not fully repeated.

var linq2SqlQuery = (from obj in table where obj.Whatever = "Some filter" select obj);

switch (propertyToSort) {
case "Year":
linq2SqlQuery = linq2SqlQuery.OrderBy(o => o.Year);
case "OtherProp":
linq2SqlQuery = linq2SqlQuery.OrderBy(o => o.OtherProp);

var results = linq2SqlQuery.ToList();
gardnerp 9-May-18 10:20am View    
Not posting as an answer since I'm not 100% positive but it looks like the precision. (e.g. a 0 might return "3" while a 4 might return "3.1416"). Why not just run a select statement and modify it to see the result?
gardnerp 6-Jan-12 15:56pm View    
Did my question offend you somehow? I am more than aware of my shortcomings in the area. I wasn't asking ANY of those questions above, nor do I want someone to hold my hand and do my work for me. I was only explaining what I do not know. Obviously I don't even know enough to ask the proper questions.

My only real question above was "what is a good place to start". That has been answered, and I'll spend the next few days reading and learning the w3schools site. After that I'll buy a book or two, and start testing code out.

We all have to start somewhere.