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charles henington 30-Jan-23 14:27pm View    
Thanks, yes I've read these, I can convert the image to 8bpp but I was curious to why there are vertical lines in the output image.
charles henington 25-Nov-22 7:22am View    
You can check my custom black and white format at .
charles henington 19-Nov-22 7:17am View    
Unless you may be able to help me understand what the Go code is doing lol
charles henington 19-Nov-22 7:16am View    
Attempt to write my own version of pbm(already have) but the resulting file isn't a pbm file(run on Linux so these image formats are natively supported). I will continue to look into how to achieve the true pbm output and hopefully someone who understands the packing process may be able to help me understand.
charles henington 17-Nov-22 22:07pm View    
Looked at the code, could not begin to explain what's going on in go.