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gssajith87 15-Jan-14 6:18am View    
I am Sorry about the question! The Size Interpreted using MBR was the actual Size. But I am not sure why Volume Property shows it lesser by 4096 bytes. What data does it ignore ? Wish to know, what part of the volume is not accounted for showing in the volume property by disk management.

gssajith87 3-Jan-14 10:15am View    
I am calculating the size using Number of sectors * sector size. (Number of sector) is the value that i got from MBR Partition table. The Value of (Number of sectors * sector) is always > The Value i see in disk-management property of the same volume by 4096 bytes.

Example : This is the output of the Volume info from Parsing the MBR info:
StartingHead 32
StartingSector 33
StartingCylinder 0
EndHead 155
EndSector 28
EndCylinder 127
Flags 0
gssajith87 22-Nov-13 4:43am View    
I am sure the file is part of the solution and the cpp file does not include any template.
gssajith87 22-Nov-13 3:44am View    
Sure.. Thanks.
gssajith87 22-Nov-13 2:40am View    
I think i found the exact reason for the problem i am facing. I am changing my system time for debugging my projects feature. I am compiling at time t1 when my machine time is say Nov20 and after making my changes i am compiling at time t2 when my machine time is Nov 18 or Dec 20 [The System Time i am changing manually for some debugging purpose.] So in this scenario, even for a small change in the Project, the entire solution gets compiled.

How i confirm this is, i just did a normal compilation i worked but when i delete my exe file and then compile again after changing the system time, the entire solution is getting compiled.

Thanks a lot for your time. Hope my finding is correct ! Any Comments on this.