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Comments by Stephen Wickland (Top 2 by date)

Stephen Wickland 18-Jul-16 12:52pm View    
Thanks, I missed the change in name and type. By disappeared I meant the property disappeared. It reappeared as a method in C# with a slightly different name which makes more sense anyway. Thanks for your efforts.
Stephen Wickland 15-Jul-16 19:18pm View    
Hi Dave, Sorry I was not clear. I did not modify the DLL source code as it works in the VB example. I am also curious why "ModbusTransaction" is a property in the DLL and not a function. Your comments in the code make sense but my VB skills are too poor to give you a good answer. My question is why might a parameter of type object in VB not appear in a C# Object Browser. I suspect that C# somehow doesn't know the type from the info in the DLL.