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Joan M 28-Feb-22 16:03pm View
I think I will re-read your post... :D:D:D:D:D
Joan M 28-Feb-22 11:34am View
Yes, it's really like those questions :D:D:D:D:D
Gosh, I'd love going back to the university, there a guy/girl explained you what he/she would ask you in the exam... sadly this never happens in real life...
Real life is more like bad specs, tight timelines, crazy customers and lately impossible to schedule calendars...
Joan M 28-Feb-22 11:23am View
Thanks Richard... but in fact this is not homework, is about a customer that has no time nor knowledge to solve this and decided to contact me to help them as I have helped them in the past.
Clearly maths involved here are much more complicated than what I can do now... Years without doing this kind of things let the knowledge rust.
Google is not taking me to any good place and as I said my knowledge on this is not good enough now.
I can design and implement everything else, but I can't get the calculations done.
I thought, maybe in a community of 15M of developers some could lead me to the right place to get information (which is not my brain) :)
Joan M 3-Aug-21 6:57am View

It seems the "bcdedit /deletevalue <param />" will make it.
Joan M 9-Jul-20 10:50am View
Anyway the difference is only visible in Android... there I don't know how to use the developer tools...
Joan M 9-Jul-20 10:38am View
In the PC, I can see the only difference is that this column has an inline style overwrite which is: apart of that nothing else is different than the other columns.
Of course I've tried removing this too, no difference at all.
Maybe the android browser is not refreshing the CSS...
Joan M 26-Jun-20 12:26pm View
Let's say QNAP, but... would it differ? In my configuration I can only set up permissions, passwords and nothing else...
Joan M 22-Jun-20 8:07am View
Thanks for this answer, it's more or less what I imagined, but nice to see it confirmed.
Joan M 15-Nov-19 2:06am View
"Today it has not worked, but I have a really bad cell signal at that point..." yes I did try it...
Joan M 1-Nov-19 8:23am View
Done thx!
Joan M 1-Nov-19 7:41am View
AGAIN! Ctrl+F5 needed to refresh the contents... ^^¡

I think I'll never get used to do that... :D

Thank you Richard. I've noticed the function did not appeared into the js file... X|
Joan M 1-Oct-19 14:21pm View
LOL! ok, I'll re-read it (twice) and definitely migrate it to parameters then... thx!
Joan M 1-Oct-19 14:18pm View
OOOOOk! I can certainly tell I've learned lot's of things today...

Had not used a stored procedure since 1999! :D:D:D:D

Great to know... now I'll finish the application (I'm almost there) and once I have finished it I'll update all the queries to be safe.

Joan M 1-Oct-19 14:09pm View
Thank you Richard!

Given what I've read in the links you've provided... simply using mysqli_real_escape_string should avoid that problem... Is that right?

Thank you again... I'm really having fun with this small project... :D nothing to do with the robots and machines I usually program... ^^
Joan M 1-Oct-19 9:36am View
Had not... now I have... and IT WORKED!

Joan M 1-Oct-19 9:16am View
Tried it... no luck with that either...

Thank you for your prompt answer phil.o! :thumbsup:
Joan M 30-Sep-19 5:32am View
Even it's clever, it doesn't work in most of the addresses I've checked from customers in Spain... :( Thanks anyway.
Joan M 13-Sep-19 11:54am View
I want a solution that works everywhere... but thanks.
Joan M 13-Sep-19 11:53am View
Yes... I wanted to hear an explanation from the poster... it would have been fun... ^^¡
Joan M 13-Sep-19 7:44am View
Why is this better than what I've done?
Joan M 9-Sep-19 13:17pm View
Thank you, I've learned a new thing today... and I've found the solution... had to press Ctrl+F5... :O:O:O:O
Joan M 9-Sep-19 12:58pm View
Didn't know that existed... :rolleyes: I'm getting this message "Uncaught ReferenceError: onChangeComboBox is not defined
at HTMLSelectElement.onchange" and it is normal that it says that... as the function is not there! even I can see it inside the code if I open the js file...
Joan M 4-Sep-19 1:55am View
Yes, it is...
Joan M 3-Sep-19 16:41pm View
You are right! I've updated my question to reflect I want a popup (like an alert).
Joan M 3-Sep-19 16:33pm View
I'd love that this would be the case...
PHP works on server side and therefore it's complicated to show a messagebox to the user...
I've thought on different ways, but all of them involve a click event and I could try to store a session variable (some kind of global) and then react to that variable in the onload event of the next page visited, but it seems cumbersome to me... (And it has not worked with variable texts).

All in all, having fun.
Joan M 1-Sep-19 6:28am View
Read my other comment please.
Joan M 1-Sep-19 5:05am View
The mysql output comes by rows... how should I put them inside a table?

I've being creating the table with the contents using echo calls... row by row...
Joan M 1-Sep-19 4:52am View
Of course! I've explained myself very badly...

I meant it is better to do:

echo(' my value ');
echo(' my value2 ');
echo(' my value3 ');
echo(' my value4 ');


$stringwithall .= ' my value ';
$stringwithall .= ' my value2 ';
$stringwithall .= ' my value3 ';
$stringwithall .= ' my value4 ';

I think the second method consumes more memory and gives no better results...
Joan M 23-Aug-19 18:02pm View

I've tried it again and it seems the PHPMyAdmin shows both tables side by side when showing the results...

I'll investigate it more tomorrow morning...
Joan M 11-Aug-19 4:41am View
I must be making something wrong... Thank you I'll retry...
Joan M 11-Aug-19 4:40am View
Sorry, but I'm very newbie here... can you explain it a little bit more, give some small sample or a link to follow?

Joan M 10-Aug-19 13:21pm View
Exactly the same... how strange...
Joan M 23-Jul-19 14:24pm View
I'll do it only if I see the web page is slow... by now... a small database with 11 tables... don't think this will be needed...

But I'll check it... thank you Afzaal!
Joan M 23-Jul-19 13:46pm View

I had created a class with the connection as a member variable... too much things to get a simple thing done.

Tried it and worked like charm at the first attempt.
Joan M 23-Jul-19 10:45am View
Thanks Richard, I'll take a look at those links. ;)
Joan M 23-Jul-19 10:39am View
I thought this was the case... but I have enough problems knowing how to program robots... :D:D:D and preferred to ask here... and what do you think about the best way of doing it?
Joan M 17-Jul-19 8:03am View
Yes! and those had to be replaced for ' in windows...

thanks Peter...
Joan M 15-May-19 9:40am View
Thank you for your answer phil.o... I think you are right, I've not been able to find anything similar... Let's see if the wget linux command ported to windows does it... in case it doesn't I'll try to use WinSCP that seems it can be automated via scripts.

Thank you again.
Joan M 2-Mar-19 6:46am View
VPN... Teamviewer allows to create VPN tunnels between both locations avoiding the need to open ports... Not the best option under the sun, but one of the easiest ones for sure... By the way... this is a post from 2011... I'd recommend OpenVPN and other softwares too...
Joan M 26-Feb-19 10:41am View

OK, thank you very much Richard, that would be great, I'll explore another way like using a third party software and automate sending the selected files there...

Joan M 24-Feb-19 14:19pm View
File A gets compared to file B, I select file B to compare and file A gets compared to file B.

This takes me to a new tab with both files represented and differences are marked in different colors depending on the difference type.

I would like to be able to select the code in, let's say, the file B and replace the one in the file A by pressing a button.

something like UltraCompare, beyond compare and other compare softwares do.
Joan M 22-Feb-19 14:48pm View
Joan M 8-May-17 11:48am View
But how... can they read the folder contents or simply start reading the web page documents and if some file inside a "hidden" folder is found then it is crawled?
Joan M 5-Mar-17 8:37am View
Wonderful! thank you. That's clear now.
If you don't mind I'll accept your answer once I've received help from someone about the PHP part.

Thank you very much Graeme_Grant!
Joan M 5-Mar-17 7:17am View
But... I would like to remove the extensions without modifying the files... is that possible?

The idea is not to show the extension only.

The 302 rules would allow me to change all files one by one. But is that the way?

Thank you!
Joan M 20-Feb-17 8:41am View
:OMG: I can promise you I've been looking for it at google... my G-Fu is not working well... ^^¡
Joan M 20-Feb-17 8:03am View
Thank you Afzaal, I've been trying to use the display: table and the header/footer tricks, but or this is not working on classes or I'm much more terrible than I've thought...

Anyway your solution works wonderfully well.

Thank you very much for your help.

5ed and accepted. :thumbsup:
Joan M 20-Feb-17 6:26am View
Dear Peter, the 30 of January you sent me the same two links... At that moment it helped as I did not know about the responsive web design...

Now I'm afraid I do need a little bit more than those generic articles...

I don't know how to reorder specifically an image and a text when I'm already under the breakpoint: @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {

Thank you
Joan M 31-Jan-17 6:32am View
I've used this:

I'm not showing any backlink in my page.
Joan M 30-Jan-17 9:21am View
thank you!
Joan M 30-Jan-17 4:33am View
Thank you Peter, in fact everything was looking exactly as it should, but some of the fonts.

After reading your first link, I've added "<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">" in my code and now everything looks perfect.

Thank you.

Answer accepted.
Joan M 30-Jan-17 4:14am View
In the CSS file: "font: 11Pt Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"
Joan M 30-Jan-17 4:14am View
In the CSS file: "font: 11Pt Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"
Joan M 11-Apr-16 7:36am View
Thank you Albert,

I've abandoned all hope...
At the second start the application runs without issue... strange, tedious, but OK...
Joan M 5-Apr-16 10:18am View
Joan M 5-Apr-16 10:04am View
100% clear and agree.
I've made it using PHP, nothing else in the middle, I hope this will work always and that it won't have any drawbacks.
And after having sent the e-mail I'll show another page with a message.
Thank you.
Joan M 5-Apr-16 6:00am View
Well.. yes.
The idea on the confirmation e-mail is to allow the customer to see what he/she has sent us.
After that they can update the information or at least be aware if something has failed which is what I would like to avoid.
The form sender will be a customer interested on the company services, therefore the e-mail, phone and other contact information are key data that need to be received, not for harvesting but to be able to contact them back and who knows, making some business... :)
I've had bad experiences in the past due to javascript which was avoiding the messages to be sent even nobody noticed that and this kind of thing is what I would like to avoid...
Thank you for your post.
Joan M 4-Apr-16 16:23pm View
That's right... yes, I love programming robots, they can kill you, but it is more peaceful than this web thing... :D
Post this as an answer so I'll be able to vote you and accept it as a solution.
Thank you Richard!
Joan M 4-Apr-16 10:47am View
Thank you very much!
That is crystal clear.
Joan M 4-Apr-16 10:40am View
That sounds really nice then, of course infected receivers can be a problem, and of courser once the domain is out in the wild there can be problems, but at least having the e-mail address inside the PHP code block will protect it from unwanted eyes.
Thank you for your comments!
Joan M 4-Apr-16 10:28am View
So, if I use a form and php to send the email I should not worry at all?

This was a written and not hidden mail address, but it is on the php server side...
Joan M 4-Apr-16 10:07am View
So... if I'm using a mail form, which has the target mail address written on the PHP side... the only way they can send me spam is through the form? like a bot filling all the fields and pressing the submit button? or even doing this they can find my raw mail address?
I know that I'll start receiving spam sooner or later, but I would like to avoid it as much as I can...
Joan M 12-Mar-16 5:36am View
Good grief...

Joan M 27-May-15 15:01pm View
That's for sure not correct, that code did worked before and perfectly, the issue is that Google has shut the free service down, therefore the DENIED ACCESS...

Anyway, thank you for posting!
Joan M 21-May-15 10:37am View
I'll try CMDOW... if it works I'll post a tip to explain it's use... ;)
Joan M 21-May-15 9:15am View
I have not tried it Richard, but I don't know how to do it... don't know about the kind of parameter to add and moreover, as the application is not developed by me (third party proprietary product) I don't know if it would even understand a parameter like that one... :(
Is what you are suggesting something that works in all the applications?

Thank you in advance!
Joan M 6-Feb-15 15:26pm View
Thank you!
both recommendations worked like charm!
Joan M 3-Feb-15 10:35am View
As far as I know Mike the GINA option disappeared on Windows 7...
Anyway, I've noticed that the issue is not the global hook but the service and the way it interacts with the user desktop layer... I've added new details in the question itself...
Joan M 2-Feb-15 7:55am View
I'll take a look at it this afternoon after reaching the office again! thank you Jochen.
My "problem" is that I'm making special machine prototypes and I try to keep the user away from configurations...
So I developed a couple of services that started automatically before the user logged in and that started those keyboard and mouse hooks, after my application started I disabled the mouse hook.
But... this is not working at all.
A pity, in XP have worked without touching a code line... :(
Joan M 30-Jan-15 15:03pm View
Yes, kiosk mode is probably what I need, I've tried to find out a guide on how to deploy the kiosk mode on a windows 7 computer and I've found several guys explaining tricks to do it, but it looks like not enough...
Those two hooks are preventing the user to use the mouse at all while our application is not loaded and also deleting all the keyboard shortcuts that are dangerous (alt+f4...).
Do you know of a good kiosk mode resource to start tampering with it?
Thank you!
Joan M 30-Jan-15 9:44am View
Not at all... the registry settings are not helping and I don't plan to create a separate thread...
I'm looking into raw input, which it doesn't look like what I do need... but...
Joan M 30-Jan-15 9:05am View
That should be the easiest and more normal thing to do, but in this case the Spanish reseller has told me that it is not possible. And the feeling I've got is something like "we don't know how to do it and we don't want to ask..." :(
Joan M 22-Dec-14 2:34am View
Solved... it was something stupid: I had to invalidate the dialog and not the controls... :(

Thank you!
Joan M 21-Dec-14 5:38am View
I've added the SetwindowPos to try to solve the issue (without it it happens the same).
I've tried also to call pButton->invalidate();
and pbutton->RedrawWindow()...

Without luck... :(
Joan M 19-Dec-14 10:27am View
The same is happening aftr deleting those files... :(
Thank you for posting!
Joan M 19-Dec-14 7:17am View
Yes, that's for sure a better approach.

I truly don't know why I did not made it in that way before... I'll need a pointInsidePolygon function and some extra tweaking but it will do it...

Joan M 19-Dec-14 3:13am View
Manually clean those files should be understood as deleting them?
Joan M 17-Dec-14 15:02pm View
I think I've solved it (solution posted)... thank you very much for your comment! :thumbsup:
Joan M 17-Dec-14 15:01pm View
See my solution, it works by now... probably it is the same than what you suggested in the option 1.

Thank you for answering.
Joan M 3-Dec-14 3:45am View
I'm afraid I'm not an experts-exchange registered user...
And the second link... well it is making a "netsh winsock reset"... ;)
Joan M 22-Sep-14 6:17am View
I think a Delagate is how they call gates in Delaware...
Sorry I couldn't help.
Joan M 21-Aug-14 3:05am View
Good morning Sergey, the main idea here is that the remote connection must be started as soon as the robot is ready, this means that there won't be any robot program running, therefore, no possibility to automate anything apart of course to make something any standard windows could do.

One of the controllers has a soft PLC inside and in that case is really easy to see if the fieldbus communication starts working. Once this happens from the soft PLC I can start the remote connection really easily, no special effort, no such a big deal.

The issue here is that the second controller doesn't have this soft PLC installed, then it is exactly like a normal computer, but without Wake On Lan capabilities (which could be a solution if I would do it from the robot at startup).

I don't want to install any special library, neither framework to make this and I was searching for something extremely simple.

Robot and controller will always have XP installed, and I don't have to worry about any change on that as support from Microsoft is not there anymore...

That's why I was looking for something like this.
Joan M 21-Aug-14 3:01am View
It looks like PING call is failing in assign the errorlevel flag on Windows 8.1!!! :O

I mean even the remote computer is off I can see PING returning OK.

And I'm 100% sure that the searched computer is not there... (used NetScan to ensure that).

The output of that is:

ping to 127...
Answer from 127... bytes 32 time<1m TTL=128
<!--1m-->Errorlevel = 0

ping to aaa.bbb.ccc.XXX
Answer from aaa.bbb.ccc.YYY host unreachable
Errorlevel = 0


Of course it is always giving OK...

Tested on XP the batch works...
Joan M 11-Jun-14 10:18am View
Hi OG, thank you for your answer!
The idea is that our server would not receive the incoming message and alert the sender that this is not a real mail address... So this autoreply would happen only when something has gone wrong (i.e. not a valid e-mail in our domain). Normal e-mails sent to real addresses would not receive any kind of autoreply.
Now we receive a lot of spam which gets stored into that catch-all account. If that's a real person behind the wrong sent e-mail then that person would receive an automatic answer explaining that the address used is wrong, exactly the same a spammer would receive. Today nobody knows this is a wrong mail address and the spammer continues sending us mails and the real person doesn't know that the email sent has not reached the destination...
Would this change have an effect on the spam quantities?
Probably I’ve not understood your explanation properly…
Joan M 8-Apr-14 1:23am View
Not at the office now, I can't give you an answer as I can't check anything. (This is being posted from a blackberry). And I won't be able to check anything until some hours so your best bet is to put a new question in the q&a section to receive help from anyone.

Good luck!
Joan M 24-Feb-14 9:41am View
That's not the way it works here... you could put a small (please) code snippet here, showing us what you've done and ask why it is not making what you expect, or even better ask how to do something and document why you want to get it done by showing some code... do it that way and probably you'll get some help. :)
Joan M 19-Feb-14 2:25am View
I don't think you will get source code from anyone here... CPians are very picky when code is asked, all of us prefer to teach or explain how to do it rather than making it for free for anyone... And doing this everyone wins.
PS: I don't know what translator gloves are... but you should try to do it by yourself and when you get stuck somewhere then come back and ask how to make that specific thing and we'll help for sure.
Good luck!
Joan M 7-Feb-14 4:12am View
And that is what this will do: you are adding a button right?
If you use the Wizard mode the button will automatically be there, each time you press the button the page will go forward or backwards... let's say you are in page #1 and you press NEXT, then page #1 disappears and page #2 appears like if you would have pressed the tab #2... you can adapt the NEXT, PREVIOUS, CANCEL, APPLY buttons to your needs: showing/hiding them, and handling the event in a specialized way you would like to...
I think this can definitely help you... see new links in the answer...
Joan M 5-Feb-14 6:30am View
JAVA, seriously? at least assembler is closer to the hardware... :D
Joan M 5-Feb-14 6:30am View
Certainly not one like the ones appearing at Star Wars, I'm confident those are harmful for the body... :D
Sorry, can't resist, but what Sergey is telling is more than correct...
Joan M 25-Jan-14 6:10am View
You are the one that needs help, therefore, if somebody asks you extra information and a little bit more of explanation after giving you several examples of how to get it done, the last you could do is giving that extra information...

Take a look here:
and here:
Which are the 4th and 5th result of the google search I sent you.

If that is not giving you enough help, then extending your question and adding an exact explanation of your needs (and not only two code snippets) will probably give you better results. What you want to send from the first script to the second one, what have you tried...
Joan M 20-Jan-14 9:17am View
This is a vague comment: what have you tried?
I can see the 3 first results of the proposed Google search as perfect answers to your question.
Which of those results have you tested, why are they failing, could you update the question to get a proper answer from any CPian...

Keep in mind we can't read minds through our DSLs... you should be as clear as possible to get any positive answer...
Joan M 20-Jan-14 7:23am View
This is a vague comment: what have you tried?
I can see the 3 first results of the proposed Google search as perfect answers to your question.
Which of those results have you tested, why are they failing, could you update the question to get a proper answer from any CPian...

Keep in mind we can't read minds through our DSLs... you should be as clear as possible to get any positive answer...
Joan M 16-Jan-14 11:52am View
Definitely, you should follow the advice from Richard and ask it to the software manufacturer...
Joan M 15-Jan-14 6:33am View
Pasting this here and waiting for somebody to give you an answer... won't work at all, I've updated your question to look easier to understand (code blocks), but you should explain in detail what you've tried and where are you stuck before pasting code like this. Do it and you'll get an answer. Good luck!
Joan M 20-Oct-13 10:28am View
Think taht when we read questions we hope to understand something... and of course to read a question... yours is not a question at all, it is not showing a fittle of commitment to get an answer, it is not showing a code snippet, it is not explaining what you've tried, it is not asking anything...

Update your question if you expect to get any positive feedback. :thumbsdown:
Joan M 2-Oct-13 10:31am View
Take a look here:
You will be done in minutes if this helps...
Joan M 25-Sep-13 17:52pm View
You should improve your question adding a small code snippet showing what you've tried, explaining exactly your problems...
Coming here saying that nothing is being sent... It's not enough, as you can see the answers you are getting demonstrate that.
Joan M 22-Sep-13 8:02am View
I've updated the question for you adding all the extra comments you've placed here...
Try to improve a Little bit more, add the most information you can.
Joan M 22-Sep-13 5:45am View
I'm afraid I won't be able to help you as this is not my field of expertise and moreover the next two weeks will be hellish... so I would recommend you to add the main content of all those comments and add them into the main question, you can edit the question and let everyone see them... Probably lots of CPians will see your question, my answer and not the comments... adding all the explanations into the main question will help you to get answers... I'm afraid this is the best advice I'll be able to give you... :(
Joan M 21-Sep-13 16:35pm View
I don't know, at least you should add that you don't want to use existing tools to get it done, explain your background, what is exactly your problem, what you’ve tried (if you’ve tried something).

If you have problems in the design, in the database implementation…

You’ll get better results if you ask for specific things, in the other hand, if you are still starting and you have no idea on what you will need help as you are still designing your system, what I’d recommend you is to explain everyone here that you are seeking for advice on selecting tools…

The best is the question usually the best are the answers…
Joan M 21-Sep-13 12:29pm View
Just under t'he question, on t'he right side you can see "Improve question" in green. If you press that you will be able too edit your question ;)
Joan M 21-Sep-13 10:01am View
I would suggest you to improve your question to avoid this kind of answers. ;)
Joan M 21-Sep-13 9:10am View
We've not seen the code, we don't know which are your problems, we won't use google for you to search for code... Improve your question and try it again.
Joan M 20-Sep-13 9:21am View
Probably your English is not your best (mine is not therefore I can understand that), but you should truly improve your question, in the other hand you will start receiving downvotes and nobody will answer you. Only because your question is not clear. Improve your question by clicking on the green link under your own question "Improve question".
Joan M 20-Sep-13 9:14am View
I've done this for you, but you can always improve your own question by clicking on the Green "Improve question" link under your post. When pasting code then you can use the CODE blocks. ;)
Joan M 15-Sep-13 14:25pm View
Mohsin Azam, as CHill60 asked you, it is not clear what you need, well, somehow it is clear, but people here expect to see a Little effort from the person who is asking something, therefore, a good recommendation is to work your questions and give the máximum amount of detail posible.

Keep in mind that the Questions & Answers section of CP is a highway of questions that lots of CPians try to answer. In the mind of the one that is willing to answer a question that is a bunch of code only is disgusting: the one who asks is not putting effort in the question... why should I put effort in the answer?...

Improve that for your next questions and you will discover that Codeproject is a wonderful community.

PS: I'm mad at my IE10 for detecting what I'm writting as Spanish.. if there is something that has no sense... I'm sorry for that. ;)
Joan M 15-Sep-13 8:16am View
No! :D
Joan M 15-Sep-13 7:46am View
:thumbsup: so true!
Joan M 15-Sep-13 7:46am View
Search for "monitor folder actions c#" without the quotes... and you'll get plenty of results...

If those results are not good enough for you then come back with a more specific question.
Joan M 15-Sep-13 7:35am View
Please, use google with the very same title of your question... all the results are interesting...

After trying then come back if you have problems.

the kind of question you've posted will end always in tears here, no one is willing to do other people's job, we are here to help given specific questions and problems... read the posting guidelines.
Joan M 14-Sep-13 9:33am View
You will keep receiving low votes and no answers with that question... here things don't work in that way: CPians are not willing to give code blocks, we like to help other people to learn, therefore, the best you could do is to be concise, telling us what you've tried, where are you stuck... this is the only way to get proper answers.
Good luck!
Joan M 14-Sep-13 9:31am View
If you don't want / can work on a big database for all the team mates, you can always export the local databases to text and obtain the proper SQL files.
After that you will be able to remove all the table creation and import the data back into the resulting database.
Joan M 14-Sep-13 9:28am View
Design, then implement. ALWAYS.
Joan M 13-Sep-13 10:27am View
Ready! :)
Joan M 13-Sep-13 9:46am View
Don't expect too much it is a simple set of steps and a couple of pictures that show how to solve the issue...

Time ago it happened to me (probably I'm doing something really wrong here :D) and I had to re-write the entire document.

Now I've found a solution and I'm happier than a clam as the document had 53 pages...

I will mark the question as answered and link to the T&T to allow anyone who would fall here searching for a solution to find it. Waiting for the editors... :thumbsup:
Joan M 13-Sep-13 9:19am View
Not at all, but I've found the solution... I've made a Tip/Trick that explains how to solve the issue step by step... I'm waiting for the editors to finish their job to put the answer here and the link to the T&T.
Joan M 13-Sep-13 7:18am View
You are welcome :D
Joan M 13-Sep-13 3:48am View
Not at all... unless some windows/office updates would have messed it all... anyway, I can try it...
But it looks like it is something in the document file as it works properly if I edit a new document based on the same template... :confused:
Joan M 24-Jul-13 2:45am View
I do know about robots.txt, but I don't mean to avoid robots to crawl certain files in the domain but to avoid Google to think I'm duplicating pages as I do have multiple domains that are pointing to the same web. I'm updating a little bit my question to clarify this.
Thank you for your comment!
Joan M 27-Jun-13 15:00pm View
Don't worry too much Manfred, the best here is that I've managed to find even some manuals for that old calculator out there, so now I will have the opportunity to understand the script and to evaluate if it can help me or not.
Thank you and please, don't quit... ;)
Joan M 27-Jun-13 12:31pm View
solved already... it was the programming script for a casio calculator... thank you!
Joan M 27-Jun-13 12:31pm View
solved already... it was the programming script for a casio calculator... thank you!
Joan M 4-Jun-13 6:08am View
Hello PrissySC,

I've changed the mail boxes password and automatically I've stopped receiving spam...

Apart of that, both antivirus MSE and Norton have returned no warnings after the complete scans.

I've updated Outlooks with the new passwords and still no spam here...

No Exchange server installed, we are a small company.

The company that is hosting our domain have told me that they've changed the main account's password also to avoid anyone to go inside the main domain. I've asked them if they can track the origin IP of those spam messages.

Any other idea / hint / thing to do?

Thank you in advance...
Joan M 30-Apr-13 6:04am View
Our public IP address is blacklisted in some lists :( (not a desirable thing I agree).
The mail server is outside our factory, in fact is in Madrid, based in the server farm the company which provides us the domain has.
If we have been blocked then, I understand that has nothing to do with our public ip address being blacklisted, it has relationship to our domain provider IP being blacklisted or (more probably) some viruses sent by someone in our company to the destination address...
I'm still waiting the real reason why our mails have been blocked, I hope they'll explain that to me soon.
Joan M 30-Apr-13 4:54am View
Thank you Manfred, I guessed that it was the right way to do it, but I was not sure of that. Thank you again!

Than having our external/public IP in some blacklists won't make a difference regarding the problems with our customers.
Joan M 19-Apr-13 12:33pm View
Thank you for trying!
Joan M 19-Apr-13 11:59am View
Yes, I know, but I want to create a user that can do everything that a root can do but change the root password. My exact question in the original post is "Is there any possibility to create a user that can operate as root but that can't change the root password?"
Joan M 19-Apr-13 11:47am View
I agree you completely, usually there's no need for a user with root privileges, let's say taht there are two administrators that have to get Access into the server as root (company policies) but they don't have to know the root password, neither be able to change it. This is the reason, usually neither of them will use that account to Access the machine, they'll use it only in case they will have to get administration tasks, but I want to be sure that none of them will be able to change the root password.
Joan M 3-Mar-13 11:05am View
contact the game developers, probably they will have to develop a patch or similar to work with your settings. Appart of that I'm afraid you can't do much things... (of course downloading the latest drivers for your computer and graphic card could do it but...)...
Joan M 3-Mar-13 11:03am View
Wouldn't it be opening it and see which is the return code?
Joan M 23-Nov-12 11:12am View
Are you serious when you say that you can't remember the original task? :O
Don't you have friends or at least people in the same class that could give you the task?
In almost 12 years here this is by far the best I've seen posted...
Joan M 22-Nov-12 11:52am View
What do you want to get? where are you stuck? have you tried to "debug" the code? Typically people here doesn't like to read a code dump... Explain it better and probably someone will help you.
Joan M 22-Nov-12 3:55am View
No idea on how this can be done, sorry. Apart of that, it is truly completely unclear that you need that in your question. Probably you won't receive an answer on that given the question you've posted. My recommendation would be to update your other questions that seem to refer to the same issue.
PS: I've seen that you've got downvoted. Probably it is due your small explanations and to the reposting (reposting here is considered evil so try not to do it).
Good luck!
Joan M 21-Nov-12 7:05am View
Please, improve your question, this question has no sense at all.

What do you need?
What have you tried?
Where are you stuck at...
Joan M 25-Oct-12 1:42am View
If you want to make software, then do it, you've got proper salaries, this should give you a good idea of what the contractors think about you, I guess the key here is knowing why the relationship has ended. People don't like to pay money for nothing...
Joan M 24-Oct-12 9:59am View
Easy! you should add much more information here:
- some code snippets.
- better explanations.
- ...

This will grant you better responses, think that we have not seen your program and that without a ultra-clear explanation we can't understand what you need.

Good luck!
Joan M 18-Oct-12 22:08pm View
Never post your e-mail address in an Internet forum unless you want to start receiving tons of spam. As you can see we can contact you without your e-mail address...
Joan M 17-Oct-12 1:41am View
What is that post?

Why have you reposted it?

You will get only downvotes for doing that and moreover, you've answered your own question, which gives the impression to the other members that yours it's an answered question...

Please, delete this post and improve your original question giving more details.
Joan M 17-Oct-12 1:34am View
Emmos2011, when you want to add a comment, do it using the proper methodology:

If you plan to answer to some post, you can use the reply button on the right side of that same post.

If you want to add more information to your question, then use the "Improve question" green link that appears under the same question.
Joan M 17-Oct-12 1:30am View
No change means equal result.
I've updated the question for you to allow other members to know that you've renamed a folder before they need to read all the comments to understand what is happening...
Joan M 17-Oct-12 1:28am View
Good answer. 5ed.
Joan M 17-Oct-12 1:11am View
That is not how we work here, we help people but we don't give codes, so, try it for yourself, and when you become stuck, come back, post a specific question and somebody will help you.

Good luck.
Joan M 16-Oct-12 6:21am View
OK, then your best bet is making a macro to achieve that...
Joan M 11-Oct-12 6:12am View
Update your question in which you ask for :

"I cannot install my application on a computer containing viruses.
Or, My application does not work when a computer catches a virus.

How to solve? How to make my application (EXE) free of this?
How to build up an application which can run through a computer containing virus?"

The only ways you have are the ones explained before...

I did not planned to be funny...

If your users are not techy to use an antivirus software then you can go there and do it for them, but there are no magical solutions...
Joan M 11-Oct-12 3:20am View
You can't (possibly) this is like asking for an impossible thing to answer: viruses are programs, once you get them you are at their mercy... so you can't stop something you are not aware or you don't know anyting about it...

Cleaning them is the best option (using a bootable solution in worst cases) but sometimes this is not enough whatever you do...

There is not a super program that can survive all the viruses... in fact the viruses affect the operating system in most cases and your program will run over the operating system so you are doomed before start...
Joan M 9-Oct-12 3:15am View
With pretranslate message you can directly cancel the right click, but I've never done the registry modification you mention and I can't give you more help on that... I guess that a search on google is the only hope (apart of waiting for any other member to give you extra help on that).

I'm sorry...
Joan M 8-Oct-12 8:27am View
OK, it looks nice, but:

a) it is not a question written there.
b) it is a blatant homework.
c) we don't do that.
d) read the posting guidelines.

Joan M 7-Oct-12 12:12pm View
Then it would be nice to update your original question to allow all the CPians to see this extra amount of information.
Joan M 7-Oct-12 12:10pm View
This is abusive and illegal.
Joan M 7-Oct-12 6:22am View
Oh, the same than in my last post (comment) but add that the other members are not seeing the answers to your question directly, they have to navigate there... look at the right side of each post, you will see a reply button which will allow you to reply directly to the poster.
Joan M 7-Oct-12 6:21am View
khosro, you shouldn't post your comments or extra informations as answers.

Doing that you prevent other members to come to your post as it appears as massively answered.

Apart of that it is not allowed to do that and you'll get downvoted.

Your best bet is to add comments or even better improve your question and tell the other CPians that you've updated the question to add more information there...

Good luck!
Joan M 7-Oct-12 6:12am View
More details needed to give you an answer.
- How do you plan to make the input?
- What does it mean "warning letter"?
- What does it mean "bar exam"?
Joan M 6-Oct-12 9:57am View
Then in your dialog add the handler of PreTranslateMessage and filter the message there.


Who knows how the OnKeyStroke function is implemented, use the standard Microsoft option and you'll be safe and fine.

Good luck!
Joan M 6-Oct-12 4:47am View
This OnKeyStroke method is new for me, probably it is not standard and depends completely on the CRecordPlayerDlg dialog class.

Anyway, try to return 0 when you want to cancel further processing of the message.
Joan M 6-Oct-12 4:44am View
I've not managed to explain myself:
I meant that I did not know what you explained: that the ö is a protection system in CP...
I don't know if that is a well known issue or not, I supposed that and not being aware of that I tried to joke about it diverting the attention... ;)

It was only a joke attempt... Of course you are right and it is interesting to know how they do that.
Joan M 5-Oct-12 23:44pm View
^^¡ OK, nothing to see here, move along please...

Joan M 5-Oct-12 14:25pm View
have not looked deeply into it, but that ö just at the beginning of onClick should be o and not ö...
Joan M 5-Oct-12 8:47am View
No, no idea.
Joan M 5-Oct-12 8:31am View
Reposting is not a good thing to do here... you've been here for more than 2 years. You should already know it... :thumbsdown:
Joan M 5-Oct-12 6:04am View
Which is the return clause of the "keystroke" function?
Joan M 5-Oct-12 6:03am View
Yes, of course :) I understand the meaning of keystroke...
What I'm asking is: keystroke gets called when a certain event has happened... which event is it? how have you linked the keystroke function to that event? which message are you handling here? is it PreTranslateMessage, WM_KEYUP, WM_KEYDOWN... ?
Joan M 5-Oct-12 5:34am View
I'm sorry but I don't know the "keystroke" function... are you using the pretranslate message? handling any message? Well, I'm sure you are handling a message as you have the wparam parameter here but... which one it is?
Joan M 5-Oct-12 5:21am View
You will have to add much more detail in this question... What do you want from a button? explain us which kind of diagnosis...
Joan M 5-Oct-12 5:19am View
Well, it all depends on the method you are using to capture the keystrockes, but typically there is a return value on the capture functions that will allow you to continue processing the message or not.
I don't know which method you've chosen, but take a look at the return value of the function you are using to pre-handle the keystrokes.
Joan M 4-Oct-12 11:16am View
Don't post a comment as an answer please, this makes other people to see your question as answered twice. If you want to add a coment, then use the "Have a question or comment?" button just under the post you want to comment.
Joan M 4-Oct-12 6:46am View
You shouldn't.
I must say that your method:
A) works
B) I've thought of it before posting and searching google about the ABS function.
Joan M 4-Oct-12 6:03am View
you are welcome! glad to help.
Joan M 4-Oct-12 5:37am View
Give us more details please.
In order to recommend you anything we should get at least good specifications.
Joan M 4-Oct-12 3:06am View
What I find amusing is that the compiler has not imploded after reading that...
Can it be used for anything?
Joan M 4-Oct-12 3:04am View
Wouldn't it be better to check the logged status in all the pages at the beginning? if you are not logged in then at the page load you could redirect the user to another place...

I can imagine a simple way to kill your javascript method: going to the history of the browser you are using and then clicking on a link which you would like to protect...
Joan M 3-Oct-12 13:44pm View
Could you add more details and clarify the question a little bit more?

I guess you can do it of course, you should create a web page (index.htm) and then put some javascript there if you want...
Joan M 3-Oct-12 13:34pm View
Aliwaz, you are being downvoted because we expect people to use google and to search a little bit before coming here and ask.
We understand that sometimes it is difficult to use google if you don't know what are you searching for, but please, take a little bit of time of yours to search for any question before posting it here, then explain us what have you tried, were are you stuck, what do you don't understand... and we will help for sure.

This is only a comment to explain you why you are getting downvoted. I've been tempted to do it but I haven't.

Don't worry too much, from time to time we get probably too temperamental (there are more than 9 million members here and there are plenty of bad formed and bad quality questions posted each day).

Take a look at Richard posts, both will be useful for sure.

PS: I've just seen that you've posted similar questions to that one and that you've been around for 8 months already... all the previous statements still apply, but please, try to improve it...

Good luck.
Joan M 3-Oct-12 6:54am View
I don't understand what you are trying to do here...
If you want to simply wait x seconds without processing anything else in the middle then a Sleep call should be used.
Using a Timer is something that allow your pogram to continue running until it happens, moment in which the code inside the timer procedure will be called.

So: if you call settimer(1,1000,NULL); then you will call the timer procedure each second.
The other code won't wait, it will continue, if you plan to make the code to wait then you have to implement a loop or a sleep.

Probably I have not understood properly what you meant... :sigh:
Joan M 3-Oct-12 6:29am View
Of course not, ask as many questions you want, I'll answer if I know what to say... :)
Joan M 3-Oct-12 6:01am View
See my updated answer. ;)
Joan M 3-Oct-12 3:24am View
Thank you Sergey!
Joan M 2-Oct-12 6:07am View
Repost from
Joan M 1-Oct-12 12:28pm View
This is not the way it works here...

Read the posting guidelines.
Joan M 1-Oct-12 12:26pm View
Great link, 5ed.
Joan M 1-Oct-12 10:01am View
Without seeing the code...

Leaving that apart this is the normal way to handle it, there are plenty of apps out there that have this "bug" which makes you to hover with the mouse the icon before seeing it fade away if you kill the app...
Joan M 1-Oct-12 9:43am View
Nobody will do your job for you.
Apart of this obvious thing, with your big amount of details given, I'm sure that the most interesting answer you'll get will be something like... well, nothing.

Improve your question, add more details, put a code snippet there to allow us the rest of mortals to understand what we are talking about and then, only then, it is possible that someone will be able to help you.
Joan M 1-Oct-12 9:41am View
Read the posting guidelines: we don't allow reposts, all of them get downvoted until they are removed.
We don't like people asking for gimmecode. We like to show people do things help them to evolve.
We need SPECIFIC and CLEAR questions, the basic thing will differe depending on who is looking at it.
It is important to be able to understand what is being asked to be able to try to help.
Joan M 1-Oct-12 7:02am View
Switch to PHP, learn to use it (knowing another thing will always be better) and meanwhile look for another job.
Joan M 1-Oct-12 6:58am View
Hello Raju, you should definitely read the posting guidelines.

Throwing a code dump here will end always in tears.
What does it means that you are not getting the data?
Is it giving you any kind of error?
Is it giving you a partial data set?
Which database are you using and which software are you using?
Joan M 1-Oct-12 3:05am View
Add more detail to your question please... i.e.: where are those variables stored?
Joan M 1-Oct-12 3:04am View
OK, then:

A) you should not post comments as answers, I've just seen that casually.
B) your question clearly states HTML as it's TAG, which means that you want the solution in HTML; then, again, you are asking for HTML code. If you are not clear you won't get what you want.
Joan M 1-Oct-12 2:34am View
First goes the chair, then you should be on top of that chair sitting, then you should see a table in front of you, but as close as your legs should be under it.

Then on top of the table and depending on your age:

A) pens, pencils, crayons, rubber, small scissors...
B) pens, notebook.
C) pillow.

Good luck!
Joan M 29-Sep-12 7:57am View
Regarding the cycle time it is important to make it as short as possible: you will react to any input from that io card as soon as your software will be able to do it. Imagine that you would make a code fragment which execution time would take longer than the cycle time (those proposed 10ms) then you would have a problem.
Joan M 28-Sep-12 12:22pm View
Have you done any code yet on that issue where you are stuck?
Joan M 28-Sep-12 11:48am View
I guess that if you are stuck you will have some code or some specific issue... What is exactly not working? I understand a set of requisites, but I can't see what you've tried till now and what is failing or misbehaving. We don't make other people's work, so we expect a little effort from the OP. Probably you've done that effort, but with your question (even in version 3) it looks more something like "please make the job for me" than a question itself.
Joan M 28-Sep-12 11:26am View
Re-read your question and try to do it from the perspective of someone that has no idea of your problem. If you do that small exercise you will see that it is impossible to answer anything.
Please, elaborate your question a little bit more, give us details, show us your code fragment you want us to check or to give advice to you...
Read the posting guidelines...
Better questions usually give better answers...
Joan M 27-Sep-12 15:05pm View
5ed Sergey... crystal clear...
Joan M 27-Sep-12 15:02pm View
That's very easy, get C++ and use the predefined function that comes with the basic compiler:

Joan M 25-Sep-12 11:27am View
I hate when Microsoft translate hotkeys...

Well, I'm glad it has been solved... Sometimes is better to use a manual method like this than using a macro/program to solve small problems... the time it takes to make the program is possibly bigger than making it by hand...
Joan M 25-Sep-12 7:33am View
No, if you move the entire column to another sheet, the you can press ctrl+r (to replace) and then you need only to replace all N to S.
I've recommended you to move the column to avoid replacing other N letters present in your sheet.
Joan M 25-Sep-12 6:59am View
See updated answer...
Joan M 25-Sep-12 6:31am View
First of all, we don't give codez.
Then, we hate txtspk.
We expect that anyone asking for help would be polite and provide enough details, what has he/she tried, show us the source code that is giving problems...
Read the posting guidelines please.
Joan M 25-Sep-12 0:37am View
Details... show us your code, the exact error message...
Joan M 24-Sep-12 14:34pm View
At least you could have written your own question... You should ask for Sencha help in the right forum (Sencha forum). Here you can find someone who could try to search google, but this is something that you should do for yourself.