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Stephen8601 23-Apr-15 15:58pm View    
Hi Sergey,
I've never tried to get an app to run from a combobox before, and therefore this is new ground for me. I know one can open database and document type files from a dropdown combobox, as this is something I do quite regularly in the Bible program I use.

Having said that, I work with what I have, and I try to find solutions, and with that, I also ask for help to find a solution if I what I currently know doesn't work. We are all on a journey of which we can learn from one another, and sometimes the solutions comes from the most odd and unusual places, and even from people who aren't programmers, of which has happened to me. Its all part of that journey.

Kind Regards,
Stephen8601 22-Apr-15 20:47pm View    
Hi Sergey,
A dropdown ComboBox used used for a Windows program.

Stephen8601 22-Apr-15 20:28pm View    
Hi Chris,
I did, and it really hated it, of which this message popped up and after entering the code:

"The best overload method match for 'System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo)' has some invalid arguments."

Here are some other things I've tried, and of which has failed.

prcBibles.StartInfo=new ProcessStartInfo("cmbBibles.SelectedItem");

prcBibles.StartInfo=new ProcessStartInfo(*.exe);
prcBibles.StartInfo=new ProcessStartInfo("*.exe");
prcBibles.StartInfo=new ProcessStartInfo(cmbBibles.SelectedItem. "*.exe");

And just a straight out System.Diagnostics.Process.Start which included all of the above, and failed.

So, with that, I simply cannot find an answer at the moment.

I also tried:

Private void cmbBibles_SelectionChangeCommitted(object sender, EventArgs e) using the same methods as before, and had no joy there.

So, at the moment I am really at a loss of what to do and where to go ahead.

Kind Regards,