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Comments by evry1falls (Top 23 by date)

evry1falls 25-Oct-22 19:59pm View    
Thank you, you saved my day.
evry1falls 16-Jan-21 11:05am View    
Great, thanks. Works like a charm.
evry1falls 12-Jul-20 17:56pm View    
Thank you I will try your suggestion and come back to you ASAP
evry1falls 11-Jun-20 17:54pm View    
I got an exception : while pressing Button2 : unable to Cast CancellationTokenSource to CancellationToken
evry1falls 26-May-20 7:36am View    
Apparently, you are right.
I have just started reading about programmatically work on Reports and I came across this question, I noticed the method of setting the Rpt Value, so I was not clear about my solution.
I will omit it though, as it really doesn't add something new.