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LordXandor 12-Nov-11 15:38pm View    
Yes, there is. My website has at least 15 of them. That's what Ajax is all about. Check out my website at The menu on the left does work, even though they apear to be plain text, this will be fixed soon. The entire visit on the website is on one single page using Javascript return protocols and a client side console to process it all.
LordXandor 12-Nov-11 15:33pm View    
Thank you very much for the help. I am simply talking about text chat. I think this ajax chat will work with some modifications for user login. As for the execution time, I can modify the perl to run only when a user sends a message and use a database for message storage.
LordXandor 15-Mar-11 20:38pm View    
This was not what I had in mind. However, this would answer multiple concerns I had for my GUI. I planned on making this 100% customizable, and I think taking this route would give the user the most power in customizing the general GUI. It would be adding a step in the process, thus almost permanently eliminating "customization on the fly," but after reading JOAT-MON and Toli Cuturicu's comments on the matter I think it would be the best course of action. I should still be able to allow items to be dragged into the toolstrip in order to add items without having to open this customization window. And this would ultimately solve the conflict with my auto-hide.
LordXandor 15-Mar-11 20:29pm View    
I agree with you and at the same time disagree. I'm actually creating a shell, thus Microsoft's UI conventions is kind of out the window (no pun intended). Although, I will take into consideration yall's advice, user friendlyness is certainly one of my main concerns. I think Henry's answer is the route I'm going to take.
LordXandor 15-Mar-11 20:24pm View    
I do see your point about reordering things accidentally. Although, the main issue truly is that when using the built in function to reorder the buttons it triggers my auto-hide function, thus making it impossible to see how things are being reordered. I was hoping that if there was another way of doing it, it might enable me to have more control over this triggering the auto-hide. I must admit this would be one advantage to doing it manually.