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Comments by David C# Hobbyist. (Top 9 by date)

David C# Hobbyist. 11-Mar-14 12:49pm View    
I understand and except your downvote. My verbal skills are indeed lacking.

As to accepting my own answer Please forgive me, but I thought it would help others.
David C# Hobbyist. 11-Mar-14 12:27pm View    
I ended up creating a user control similar to the one on stack overflow.

Thank You for the input.
David C# Hobbyist. 11-Mar-14 12:12pm View    
I found an answer on SO. here is the link for anyone interested.
David C# Hobbyist. 27-Oct-13 20:03pm View    
There is more to the if statement then I included. I was trying to reuse the Execute method for more than 1 command.
Prism available from nuget i presume.
I will try Your suggestion.
David C# Hobbyist. 27-Oct-13 19:57pm View    
Hmmmm maybe I haven't learned enough yet. Should I be setting this in my ViewModel constructor?