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Comments by Charles Shob (Top 39 by date)

Charles Shob 14-Oct-16 9:54am View    
Thanks looks like Apt Answer.
Charles Shob 30-Sep-16 23:23pm View    
Thanks for the reply. WIll try and get back with results.
Charles Shob 29-Sep-16 11:24am View    
I am using SQL CE 4.0
Charles Shob 27-Sep-16 21:27pm View    
Thanks for the response Maciej Los. But, project is on .net 2.0 so, i caanot use LINQ for this. Hence, i am struggling.
Charles Shob 27-Sep-16 10:18am View    
Thanks brother for quick response. But, i need this in DataTable.Select in C# not in SQL Server. How ever, i have tried the following code in c#. but getting an error providing for your review.

string filter = string.Empty;
for (int i = 0; i < temp.Length; i++)
filter = filter + "%" + temp[i].ToString().Trim();
filter = filter + "%";
DataRow[] row = MainDS.Tables["Table1"].Select("LDesc like "+ filter +" And Active = 1 and Type in('CPT')");

Thanks in Advance.