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Charles Shob 14-Oct-16 9:54am View
Thanks looks like Apt Answer.
Charles Shob 30-Sep-16 23:23pm View
Thanks for the reply. WIll try and get back with results.
Charles Shob 29-Sep-16 11:24am View
I am using SQL CE 4.0
Charles Shob 27-Sep-16 21:27pm View
Thanks for the response Maciej Los. But, project is on .net 2.0 so, i caanot use LINQ for this. Hence, i am struggling.
Charles Shob 27-Sep-16 10:18am View
Thanks brother for quick response. But, i need this in DataTable.Select in C# not in SQL Server. How ever, i have tried the following code in c#. but getting an error providing for your review.

string filter = string.Empty;
for (int i = 0; i < temp.Length; i++)
filter = filter + "%" + temp[i].ToString().Trim();
filter = filter + "%";
DataRow[] row = MainDS.Tables["Table1"].Select("LDesc like "+ filter +" And Active = 1 and Type in('CPT')");

Thanks in Advance.
Charles Shob 27-Sep-16 8:49am View
It is a typo. Not an issue with business rules. Corrected the question.
Charles Shob 6-Jul-16 19:33pm View
Charles Shob 6-Jul-16 9:50am View
Charles Shob 29-Jun-16 4:32am View
Hi OriginalGriff, Thanks for the code.

With this i am getting only Sectionindex values. But, i need inner values of SectionRef such as "first", "last", "id" also.
Charles Shob 15-Jun-16 0:43am View
Yes. As you said it is for textual representation and for calculations too. And I agree yes i am a beginner.
Charles Shob 31-Oct-15 22:40pm View
It's not one time. It's every time and need to give it to user. Not programmer end.
Charles Shob 24-Sep-13 1:22am View
I am unable to find .DataBind() method in datagridview in C# forms. Can you please help me in this regard.
Charles Shob 27-Mar-13 23:58pm View
Hello Prasad,

Thanks for the information. How ever i fixed this by changing the tagrget framework to 3.0 and added validateRequest="False" in both App.config and Application modules which are showing errors. I know that i disabled the error rather handling it by cheing the entered script in obect HTMLtext box. I am not worrying about this. becuase, we are going to use this in a close LAN only. So, no need to worry about secutiy issues.

Charles Shob 6-Mar-13 1:12am View
Based on your reply i unerstood that you are trying to get internet thru your andriod mobile. Which means you are using your Andriod mobile as modem. If this is the case you need to install the driver on your PC and make sure your Andriod mobile is detecting in your PC driver. Then you will be having option to connect using operator such as BSNL north, BSNL South etc. Add correct settings and connect. I am using Nokia 5800 as Modem in case of remote travel.
Charles Shob 1-Mar-13 1:39am View
Your question is too hard to understand. It you need help mention your hardware you are using steps you followed to connect. Then any body have a chance to understand your problem and can help you.
Charles Shob 13-Feb-13 4:36am View
There is no enough info provided. Provide what is the error your getting.
Charles Shob 30-Jan-13 6:57am View

Have you get a chance to resolve this issue??? If so, kindly let me know how you done it. I am also in the same situation as you before.

Charles Shob 25-Oct-12 7:59am View
Appologies. Not this. It is a demo Application not Tutorial.
Charles Shob 25-Oct-12 7:58am View
Appologies. Not this. It is a demo Application not Tutorial.
Charles Shob 18-Oct-12 23:37pm View
No. i am not.
Charles Shob 16-Oct-12 23:34pm View
Yes digimanus. Actually i do not have enough field to make as Primary key. Because, The data is received from out side party and we are migrating that to our database. Actually from Client point of view AcctNumber is unique. But, Client is sending those records twice, thrice or even more when ever he receives payments from his principal. So, from our DB point of view we cannot use acctNumber as Primary Key. Coming to Duplicate, is some scenarios client is sending same records which are previously received. So, rather than deleting them for future accountability we are make tham as Duplicate records. This is a bit field. Hope, i explined myself clearly.

Charles Shob 15-Oct-12 6:01am View
The following is my query.

Select PtName, AcctNumber, Status from Accout where AcctNumber = 'RTEDFGER000' and Duplicate =0;

The above selectr is taking 11 seconds to fetch.

Charles Shob 15-Oct-12 4:57am View
I am already having a primary key in my table with RowID autogenerated.
Charles Shob 14-Oct-12 23:12pm View

So what would you sugget??? Clustedred or non clustered index????

Charles Shob 3-Oct-12 2:17am View
Really i am not getting an idea. Tried with arrays, strig lengh with for loop etc. but no luck.
Charles Shob 27-Sep-12 7:20am View
Got clarified by myself. Thanks for the support.
Charles Shob 27-Sep-12 0:25am View
Sudheer, can you add code after the above??? Based on your words i cannot figure out. I am unable to access as you mentioned above lik


Charles Shob 26-Sep-12 0:13am View
Appreciate your patience for typing this much of your story. Really thank ful for your support. Thanks a lot.
Charles Shob 31-Aug-12 20:24pm View
Same error , "LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method 'System.String ToString()' method, and this method cannot be translated into a store expression."

This forum does not contain to attach image, else i might have attache the image for your review.
Charles Shob 31-Aug-12 9:53am View
It is showing error.
Charles Shob 31-Aug-12 8:00am View

Actually string[] practices is a string but i am trying to query practiceID with autoincrement ID which is int may be it is issue???

Charles Shob 31-Aug-12 7:46am View
Hari, In practices table i have two fields 1) PracticeID autoincrement, 2) practiceName nvarchar, 3) practices nvarchar 4) userName nvarchar Practices [3rd fields above] contains value as 1, 3, 6. When user logsin [using username] i am getting this field into string[] practices. Then i am trying to pass this to another table PracticeNames table contains all practices enrolled with. Hence need to get all the rows with string [] practices containing practiceIDs. Hope explained clearly. chowdary.
Charles Shob 31-Aug-12 7:10am View

I have modified my code as the following. I have tries both string [] and string but getting an error as "LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method 'System.String ToString()' method, and this method cannot be translated into a store expression."

string[] Practices = users.ElementAt(0).Practices.Split(new char[] { ',' });

string pras = null;

for (int i = 0; i < Practices.Count(); i++)
if (pras == null)
pras = Practices[i].ToString();
pras = pras + "," + Practices[i].ToString();

AuthenticationEntities authEntity = new AuthenticationEntities();

List<Practices> prac = (from p in authEntity.Practices
where pras.Contains (p.PracticeID.ToString())
select new Practices
Practice = p.PracticeName

Kindly help.
Charles Shob 29-Aug-12 23:37pm View
No issues. Thanks for responding. Doors are not closed and world is very big. Coming to my atitude with my posting only you have decided my atitude. So nice of you. You might be Sigmond Friod a famouns psycriotist in earlier of your reincarnation. Here i wanted to tell you one story, two persons went to a village for job. Interviwer asked first person how your people in your home town, he replied they are very ridiculous, nasty , querreling everytime for every issue, worrost and complined a lost. Interviewer said ok you can go. Interviwer asked same question to the second person, He answered that they are very good, loyal, helping and so kind of them. Same town, same people but the view is changed. World and people are same always it changes based on your atitude. Hope you understand. Appologies if i bored with the story.
Charles Shob 29-Aug-12 12:08pm View
Mr. Was Adey,

As i already mentioned that i am new to WPF and learning. Did code project had any rule that we should try before we post or did i mentioned that i tried and failed??? I asked for help .. if you can answer else ..... Question cannot be answered with another question.

Charles Shob 22-Aug-12 3:11am View
Hello Pramodh,

Thanks for the quick response. My service name is ThreeServiceRef which i have added.

I have added code like the following in command

ThreeServiceRef Clientobj = new ThreeServiceRef();

then it is showing error as

ThreeserviceRef is a 'namespace' which is used like 'type'

Kindly suggest.

Charles Shob 20-Aug-12 1:49am View

Resolved the issue. Thanks fo rthe support.

Charles Shob 15-May-12 20:42pm View
I tried using the above, but go the same error. I beleive using DT.rows.count -1doesn't make any difference when Datatable loop need to run 1 lakh times and we are using int as index
Charles Shob 14-May-12 1:57am View
but DataTable .rows[index] Where index accepts only int not accepting longint.

Kindly look into it.