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Andrei Straut 26-Sep-12 9:32am View    
Look for open source solutions for this, but I doubt you will find any complete one. As aspnet_regiis said, you're better off writing your own, you might actually learn some cool stuff in the process
Andrei Straut 26-Sep-12 9:06am View    
Google[^] says they will work, as long as .NET is installed.

Question downvoted for lack of any apparent effort on your part.
Andrei Straut 26-Sep-12 8:57am View    
While I have no idea about the s40 SDK, the media you want to access is an .mp3 or music file, and album art can be directly embedded in .mp3 files using the ID3 tags.

You can find some more explanations here[^]
Andrei Straut 26-Sep-12 8:50am View    
How are you displaying this custom calendar? What objects are the dates in it? If they are default Android objects, then I'm sure they'll have something along the lines of object.setBackground(Color color). If it's a custom object you're rendering there, you'll have to do it yourself
Andrei Straut 26-Sep-12 8:48am View    
It's already done. Android ICS has gracenote by default, which does exactly this. I'm sure there are others as well.

You will not get code to help you accomplish this task from this site. At most, if you write your own code and run into problems, you can ask a specific question about what you did wrong, and someone may help.

Until then, as I said, I highly doubt someone will help you code this application from scratch.