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Comments by Adam David Hill (Top 34 by date)

Adam David Hill 30-Jun-13 19:09pm View    
I did, although I believe Shared is supposed to be cheaper. I'm beginning to think that the decimal place is wrong in the calculator's monthly summary. Incidentally, the prices appear to have changed since I originally entered it. It quotes £0.009 per hour or £47.35 per month for 1 website. At ~1 pence per hour with an average of 740 hours I'm pretty sure that should be ~£7.40 per month, which is actually reasonable.
Adam David Hill 14-Mar-13 16:34pm View    
It looks like the row highlight for that element. If you click on the text saying "RickTextBox" above it does it move to that?
Adam David Hill 14-Mar-13 14:32pm View    
I'm guessing here as I can't see the screenshot, but is your image by any chance part-transparent and PNG format? This sounds like it could be a control or framework which does not fully support the PNG format, and defaults in a background colour.
Adam David Hill 14-Mar-13 14:31pm View    
The link you have given us needs a password to the forum. Please can you send a direct link to the image which is not password protected?
Adam David Hill 13-Mar-13 18:24pm View    
Ah, sorry. For now you can just write "static" before the word "int". It's not ideal, but will achieve the desired result in a quick & dirty way. A better solution would involve making a new class to hold those values in, and then you'd pass an instance of it into the second function. I'm guessing those might also be new concepts (read up on classes, instantiation and static) in which case just stick "static" there for now. I'm not saying that's your final solution - there'll be some work to do in your 2nd function to decide which of those values to use according to the name you've passed in, but I'll leave that to you. (Hint: "switch" or "if")