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jan.mach71 6-Mar-13 2:54am View    
Well, in doc again, you can see "This array must remain valid for the duration of the send operation." and in case of overlapped it continues until completion routine gets called. On the other hand, what stops you from deleting WSABUF array and/or buffers it's pointing to just after sending to see if application crashes? We can break in order to learn how it works. From doc, I would guess, that deleting of WSABUF array does not do any harm, but deleting buffers would crash it. Could you confim?
jan.mach71 6-Mar-13 2:47am View    
If it's decimal 87 then check this: , but as your snippet does not have any overlapped, it seems you will have to investigate and find solution yourself. Just a note: you are quick at changing sector sizes:)
jan.mach71 4-May-12 9:24am View    
This did not help. Must be something with the name of a group or I'm supposed to call different function. I have solved it using ActiveDs library (where I have to be logged on as domain user to list group members). I can post code here if anybody is interested but I'd like to understand this procedural interface as well.