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Szymon Roslowski 3-Mar-15 12:06pm View     CRLF
Had the same issue this morning and seems like made a similar mistake. This line htmlparser.Parse(sr); takes a StreamReader not a StringReader. var stringStream = new StreamReader(GenerateStreamFromString(html)); htmlparser.Parse(stringStream); (...) private Stream GenerateStreamFromString(string s) { var stream = new MemoryStream(); var writer = new StreamWriter(stream); writer.Write(s); writer.Flush(); stream.Position = 0; return stream; }
Szymon Roslowski 24-Feb-15 10:03am View     CRLF
One of these should help:
Szymon Roslowski 16-Oct-14 12:25pm View     CRLF
if (cbSelect1.SelectedValue.ToString() != null && cbSelect2.SelectedValue.ToString() != null) Could be replaced with if (cbSelect1.SelectedValue != null && cbSelect2.SelectedValue != null) and that should solve the problem. No need to convert to string at this time. Ps. a Quote from another post: We can convert the integer “i” using “i.ToString()” or “Convert.ToString” so what’s the difference. The basic difference between them is “Convert” function handles NULLS while “i.ToString()” does not it will throw a NULL reference exception error. So as good coding practice using “convert” is always safe.
Szymon Roslowski 6-Aug-14 12:20pm View
Szymon Roslowski 6-Aug-14 12:14pm View    
Reload the sound file in your form application after it has been replaced on your "Web".