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Comments by Jared Nathan Drake (Top 3 by date)

Jared Nathan Drake 24-Aug-15 11:56am View    
And I'm trying to figure something out on how to change the different backcolor of the different value, for example: For a value of duplicate "John", it should be Red, and another value of 'Jared', it should be Blue, and the rest of them should be different color.
Jared Nathan Drake 24-Aug-15 11:50am View    
Hi, please refrain using 'break;' otherwise, there will be no highlight. 'break;' will stop the 'for loop'. I just removed 'break;' and it works perfect! Thank you very much pmcm! 9 out of 10 stars just for you :)
Jared Nathan Drake 21-Nov-14 15:15pm View    
Hey there, thanks! Will do that :-)