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rnbergren 1-Jul-22 10:59am View
you might start by downloading and playing with system internals and process explorer and watch and search for the process that happens when you click there. But as Pete already said. We kind of need more information.
rnbergren 27-Jun-22 11:19am View
your right. I frequently get that wrong. I am sorry
rnbergren 8-Apr-22 13:12pm View
Need a bit more about your current environment. But PowerBI and Tableau are options. Also since you already went down the Report Viewer Crystal Report path you might check out BIDS (SSRS) since you are using old technology. To be honest there are more solutions that you can imagine. It is more a case of finding the solution that fits for your environment (or at least where you plan on going)
rnbergren 8-Apr-22 13:08pm View
In addition to what Griff mentions. I might add that I would approach this as not one SQL statement but would probably use some Temp tables to sub select and then select out of. But that is only how I would approach the question.

What are you seeing that you are not expecting? I dont' have any clue without seeing your output data.
rnbergren 10-Jul-18 9:41am View
PS, I have googled extensively all the solutions I come across say the above code should work.
rnbergren 29-Jun-17 11:06am View
sorry the solution box is open and I didn't read closely.
rnbergren 29-Jun-17 11:06am View
it bombs on this line
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var aa1 = from i in aa.Elements(strper + "pc:Person")
select i;
rnbergren 22-Jun-11 8:32am View
Reason for my vote of 5
I learned something new today
rnbergren 22-Jun-11 8:31am View
do not forget the period or dot at the end of the command. "explorer ."