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AndrewG1231 27-Sep-12 20:40pm View    
You are actually pretty close to describing my situation. I am a graduate student that had basic programming skills, and by basic I mean some classes on C++ at one point. My project has depended on developing hardware and modifying a program that I inherited. I have been learning through tutorials (which apparently I need more of) and the feedback on here about specific problems (which I am grateful for). It is my intention to be as respectful and professional as I can on here...not to post terrible code and uneducated questions. I really enjoy this site and have found the articles quite informative. Thanks for all the help, and I am sorry that I have given you 'programming' nightmares...
AndrewG1231 27-Sep-12 19:15pm View    
Yes, it seems so. The dialog is listed as the Main Thread, but there are several Worker Threads listed. The worker threads are catagorized as Win32 Thread and _TppWaiterpthread@4. Thanks for the fomating update, it seems the site has changed its look.
AndrewG1231 7-Sep-12 20:34pm View    
The purpose of my question was to help me understand thread usage, and this was an example in which I did not understand the benefit of creating a thread to do a job. Even after reading a few articles the concept of this line of code and its placement was more of a way to get some more basic understanding and clarity on this topic.

I do have access, and know where all the pieces of the code are, but it was not my intention in this question to have you suggest how to change the code. Thus, I did not see the relevance in posting a large amount. If you think additional code would help let me know what parts (i.e., the created message ID, the called function, etc) and I can modify the question.
AndrewG1231 26-Jan-12 17:36pm View solution is listed below the question
AndrewG1231 27-Nov-11 23:41pm View    
Yes, restarting and rebuilding worked. Thanks!