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Comments by Firo Atrum Ventus (Top 57 by date)

Firo Atrum Ventus 29-Oct-14 18:25pm View    
Turns out I just need to reply with 'Cache-Control: no-cache' on response header to prevent FF from doing its shenanigans. So I guess this is answered.
Firo Atrum Ventus 20-Nov-11 20:18pm View    
So that means it loads this file as virtual folder when the user "unlocks" it, right?
Firo Atrum Ventus 18-Nov-11 4:04am View    
Open for admin is its fatal flaw. I'm searching for a way to protect a folder from everyone but it's creator.
Firo Atrum Ventus 18-Nov-11 3:31am View    
Well, since there're applications such as folder lock I thought that it's okay to add a similar feature to my application (it's an image management app).
Firo Atrum Ventus 18-Oct-11 2:08am View    
+5For the explanation and example.