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Comments by vangapally Naveen Kumar (Top 98 by date)

vangapally Naveen Kumar 7-Oct-15 3:26am View    
If you are using select all for every column??
if it the case put an flag based on the flag do the code changes,lets say column for select all and column2 for also selectall then set the flag to 1 else 0

morover you can pass the 'n' number of parameters in where clause.
vangapally Naveen Kumar 7-Oct-15 1:29am View    
Check the permission to the folder where you are saving the file.That folder should be have Read/write permissions.
vangapally Naveen Kumar 6-Oct-15 7:16am View    
Use 'Group by' clause.I think the query is calculating like this 2350+2300+50+2078(it is taking the two records from tableY for invo 3, pono 126 and itemID111).
vangapally Naveen Kumar 6-Oct-15 6:56am View    
Good explanation...+5
vangapally Naveen Kumar 29-Sep-15 1:24am View    
please ask in questions section :)
Any how you can write stored procedure for this situation based on the 'Old City ID'