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AndreTrollip 20-Dec-16 5:18am View    
Actually, ppolymorphe was 100% correct. I posted my question on math.stackexchange and got a solution within minutes. The programming was easy once I understood the math.
AndreTrollip 19-Dec-16 9:10am View    
Done. Thanks.
AndreTrollip 19-Dec-16 5:57am View    
Sorry I should have been clearer on that. Let me remove the cube confusion. The floor consists of equally sized rectangles parallel to the XY plane, at different heights (z). I represent the floor with a 2D Matrix (Matrix[x, y]), such that each reactangle's z is the element at x, y. The top left corner of the rectangle is defined by x - (cellWidth / 2) and y - (cellHeight / 2). The bottom right corner of the rectangle is defined by x + (cellwidth / 2) and y + (cellHeight / 2)
AndreTrollip 19-Dec-16 5:44am View    
Don't be a prick.
AndreTrollip 19-Dec-16 5:12am View    
What are you on about? This isn't homework. I am 40 years old and long passed homework. I am trying to create a simple CNC toolpath generator.