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Comments by BELGIUMsky (Top 67 by date)

BELGIUMsky 28-May-14 4:29am View    
do you need to change the lifespan or something to make this work?
if i try to use the same instance i get an error that the connection is closed
BELGIUMsky 15-May-14 15:01pm View    
first of all i send network credentials to a service that will check against Active Directory
second the user needs to login because the functionality of the program will be depending on the users roles.
i would like to keep the credentials just for the duration of the use of the client application.
else i would need to ask the user his credentials for every transaction with the server
BELGIUMsky 15-May-14 6:37am View    
it would be making a Library project where you put all the code for your database connection and then add the library as a reference to the projects that will use it.
BELGIUMsky 12-May-14 3:17am View    
be carefull the user can still disable javascript to run.
like the firefox browser gives the user the ability to disable all scripts on a website
BELGIUMsky 9-May-14 7:17am View    
to make it look nice and not reload the page you will have to make an api and a javascript or jquery ajax call to that api