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Comments by Bohdan Stupak (Top 35 by date)

Bohdan Stupak 18-Apr-22 9:57am View
there's MVVM in question and no MVVM in answer
Bohdan Stupak 14-Apr-20 6:00am View
how would you expect your fileName to be not null if you never set it in your code
Bohdan Stupak 22-Feb-19 8:26am View
But backend returns items correctly, right? It is client who mishandles them?
Bohdan Stupak 19-Feb-19 8:18am View
I wonder how it compiles because you're missing a closing quote here "&from=en&to=hi";
But I after I copy paste your code, close the quote and execute it, I get 200 instead of 404
Bohdan Stupak 13-Feb-19 4:45am View
there's not task either in my comment. btw, I didn't pay attention before: why do you use ConfigureAwait(true)?
Bohdan Stupak 13-Feb-19 4:00am View
I'm not sure what exatcly causes the issue but anyways this code this.ActionContext.Request.Content.ReadAsStreamAsync().Result looks suspicious because calling .Result blocks the thread rendering all your async/await efforts to nil.
Try something like instead
var d = new StreamReader(await this.ActionContext.Request.Content.ReadAsStreamAsync().ConfigureAwait(true));
Bohdan Stupak 31-Jan-19 5:50am View
try this one
Bohdan Stupak 26-Jan-19 11:14am View
Unlike GET request you don't pass POST request parameters via URL. You pass them via body. Have a look at the example
Bohdan Stupak 20-Jan-19 11:28am View
The controller codes and what exactly doesn't work would be helpful since the only guess from your code I have is that you have a typo in a word Authorize
Bohdan Stupak 13-Jan-19 10:13am View
Looks like quotes in your code don't match. Also, it would be nice to know what kind of error do you get
Bohdan Stupak 13-Jan-19 10:11am View
I definitely don't have an answer to your question but I'm wondering whether there is any chance that you could write integration level test with just directly uploading different files, checking response codes and cleaning up instead of unit testing this functionality.
Anyways, have a nice day.
Bohdan Stupak 4-Jan-19 10:12am View
Have you tried $scope.$apply() as in this SO question?
Bohdan Stupak 6-Mar-18 4:11am View
What kind of question is that? If you don't want blur just don't use filter: blur(5px);
Bohdan Stupak 16-Feb-18 6:06am View
you are welcome
Bohdan Stupak 16-Feb-18 5:59am View
Could you exactly post which exception do you get? I can't figure out anything from this set of words :(
Bohdan Stupak 24-Jul-17 3:18am View
Try "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide". It's one of most comprehensive js books that will lead you through all of the language features
Bohdan Stupak 21-Jul-17 3:30am View
looks pretty decent except you're creating service via factory and share code in your service. did you provide a reference to your service in controller like SApp.controller('yourController', function($scope, commonservice //more codes
Bohdan Stupak 19-Jul-17 5:20am View
this looks like a mess from all possible concepts. please, refer to this tutorial to develop robust validation
Bohdan Stupak 26-Jun-17 6:50am View
why not using a tag instead of onclick event?
Bohdan Stupak 22-Jun-17 6:37am View
the same was even discussed on this resource :)
Bohdan Stupak 25-May-17 3:29am View
how do you treat numbers greater than 1000 in your app? I mean depending on the culture it might be 1 000 or 1,000. And whereas parseInt("1000") is actually 1000, parseInt("1 000") or parseInt("1,000") is actually 1.
Bohdan Stupak 24-May-17 7:06am View
Either I'm missing your point or you've confused me with some AnandCode who posted the original question.
Bohdan Stupak 24-May-17 6:53am View
because if you would follow this doc you would know that this feature is obsolete and no wonder it does not work in Edge. so this question is perfectly fine.
Bohdan Stupak 24-May-17 6:44am View
pls refer to doc
Bohdan Stupak 23-May-17 3:49am View
I mean that you provide into public async Task<actionresult> Index much more parameters then into @Html.PagedListPager. As far as I understand the list of parameters should be the same as soon as page => Url.Action would be get request to your server which would be handled in public async Task<actionresult> Index method
Bohdan Stupak 23-May-17 3:36am View
you actually base your filter upon many parameters which you don't provide in @Html.PagedListPager. Is it how it supposed to be?
Bohdan Stupak 12-Jun-15 6:50am View
I was googling for openquery syntax and found this question. So when I've finished my research I've diceded also to post answer here. Don't forget that questioner is not only person, who is ineterested in finding correct answer. Also there are many people who just google around.
Bohdan Stupak 22-Jun-14 8:23am View
Sure it doesn't complile. Variables like 'row', 'column' etc aren't defined. That is the way examples are.
Look through stackoverflow. There are loads of issues with Interop.Excel, where garabage collection needs to be forced to force termination of Excel proccess. You might not notice, when you work with 1 file, but when you work with 15 different files it will eat out all of your memory.
About loop. Frankly speaking I just can't figure out where does he want to put it.
Bohdan Stupak 6-Jan-14 11:25am View
no. only one
Bohdan Stupak 6-Jan-14 10:35am View
Oh, thanks. It's a great idea :D
Bohdan Stupak 6-Jan-14 10:30am View
I've already seen it. And provided link in my question for everyone, who is unfamiliar with imageshack API. And it seems to me, that I've filled all mandatory parameters that are described in paragraph about XML API in my method. But still I get errors. That's why I've posted this question
Bohdan Stupak 6-Jan-14 10:19am View
I'm not actually sure what do you mean, but I've updated the question to show, how I actually use my method
Bohdan Stupak 6-Jan-14 6:29am View
you are welcome :)
Bohdan Stupak 6-Jan-14 3:16am View
I've forgotten to mention that variable image is of type HttpPostedFileBase
Bohdan Stupak 31-Dec-13 15:20pm View
no, you can just classes 'add code generation menu' by right-clicking on your model and update existing entity classes without deleting any of existing contexts