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Muammar© 17-Apr-11 7:47am View    
Holmes, my database hero ;)
How are you doing mate?? You see, I've been away from developing for a while, and now, i can't remember how to do this..
I simply used the database wizard to add a connection and then dragged the parent table into the form and the relative child table that is branched from the parent's tree (right there in the data sources pane.. Can you please try that at your end and tell me why it's not working??

Many thanks Holmes.
Muammar© 16-Apr-11 8:45am View    
It never fails, just doesn't load any rows from the child table.. I just don't see why we can't create such a basic master/detail grids using the designer!
Muammar© 16-Apr-11 8:43am View    
Thanks mate, but it's not helping me.. You see, I'm totally relaying on the designer and even if it worked out your way, it will still be misleading as loaded data won't be saved if updated!!
Thanks anyways mate.

ps. I tried this:
<pre>myTableBindingSource.DataSource = myDataSet.myTable.Rows[myDataGridView.CurrentRow.Index].GetChildRows(@"myRelationship");</pre>