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blueye89 24-Jan-18 17:45pm View    
Thank you for advice! I forgot to say that I made a screenshot of the Form while project is not debugged. At the time when I made a project, I didn't have a monitor (I worked on my Lenovo P70 laptop). In the meaning time, I bought monitor and when I opened a project to get some piece of code for another project, I noticed that controls are ones above each other.
blueye89 24-Jan-18 9:10am View
blueye89 26-Nov-17 17:13pm View    
Solved! Thank you!
blueye89 26-Nov-17 16:30pm View    
Warning BC42104 Variable 'returnValue' is used before it has been assigned a value. A null reference exception could result at runtime.
blueye89 8-Nov-17 21:12pm View    
Thank you!