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Madhan Mohan Reddy P 4-Jul-14 4:44am View     CRLF
Hi, If you don't mind, One more question. I have got Arc centre, radius, start point and end point. With this, I need to collect all the points on the arc. Is there a way ? Am I clear in my question ?
Madhan Mohan Reddy P 3-Jul-14 23:30pm View     CRLF
Hey, Its working. Thanks a lot.
Madhan Mohan Reddy P 18-Jun-14 2:52am View    
Hi I forgot to mention in my question that my .tlb file is also not getting generated . Now I modified the question. Sorry.
Madhan Mohan Reddy P 18-Jun-14 2:48am View     CRLF
Hi, Could you tell me how to do that ? Is that compiler integrated with Qt ? Or in the .pro settings we can give any post build event ?
Madhan Mohan Reddy P 9-Jun-14 5:03am View    
Thank you :)