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pmcm 7-Dec-15 10:28am View    
My application target service is deployed across a mixture of 2008 and 2012 servers, and the version of Microsoft.Web.Administration.dll is different on both. I tried building my application with the MWA v8.5 DLL but when I deploy the code to the 2008 server the Service doesn't do anything. due to the MWA.dll version being different on a 2008 server.

At present our applications Service is using the DirectoryEntry class to try and manipulate IIS. Should I still be able to use the properties from this class to work with IIS 8/Server 2012 and stop/start app pools for example? Are there any known issues of using the DirectoryEntry class to stop/start app pools in IIS8/Server 2012?
pmcm 4-Dec-15 4:26am View    
I appreciate your reply. The Service runs under the Administrators group and I have tried adding it to the IIS_URSRS which is also in the Admin group.
pmcm 5-Sep-14 5:20am View    
i tried this but still the data in the cols is not spaced
pmcm 26-Aug-14 4:33am View    
I was just doing this and I think this may be the solution.
pmcm 3-Jul-14 10:05am View    
I read that on the website but didn't think it was applicable to a login request, especially as the APIKey is an output from this function