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Comments by Caleb McElrath (Top 9 by date)

Caleb McElrath 13-Nov-12 9:34am View    
I should note, I got this from:
Caleb McElrath 17-Aug-12 10:40am View    
Just a note: There is something to be said for politeness.
Caleb McElrath 17-Aug-12 10:38am View    
my vote of 4: very true! but would be better suited as a comment as this isn't the solution to the OP's question.
Caleb McElrath 6-Aug-12 9:14am View    
Thats interesting, the jsfiddle link I sent you works just fine for me. Like I said before, the uniqueness of a row is obscured when you alter the rowspan of the name (patient) column so you will have to account for that. Also look at the jsfiddle link at the end of the solution. This link works in IE and Chrome.
Caleb McElrath 9-Mar-12 17:26pm View    
Yes, there are things commonly done that seem like they should not be. Do you have an example of the scenario you provided regarding users leaving a company?