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Comments by stibee (Top 141 by date)

stibee 19-Aug-15 1:33am View    
What do you have until now?
stibee 19-Aug-15 1:26am View    
See samples on there you will find all what you need (lot of samples)
stibee 19-Aug-15 1:25am View    
What do you like to do? You need a mechanisme for autorization and authentication? If yes use. ASP.NET Identity
stibee 3-Aug-15 5:32am View    
May you should post one your whole code... or read first a book "programming basic" otherwise it will be a never ending story.
stibee 3-Aug-15 0:51am View    
Check the authorization. For test add user "Everyone" on the directory where the Website is located.