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Comments by Jonathan [Darka] (Top 44 by date)

Jonathan [Darka] 8-Apr-15 9:38am View    
Can't see any reason to do this except to create spam accounts...

And 'just being an oop programmer', what kind of excuse is that - a good programmer can code anything.
Not that you should be doing this anyway.
Jonathan [Darka] 11-Dec-14 9:20am View    
I've always found the best way to learn a language is to try to write some very small applications and get those working first.

Also, you could buy some books and type in the example applications from those too if you can't think of an example yourself.
Jonathan [Darka] 11-Dec-14 8:54am View    
As others have said you need to run the code under the debugger, when it crashes it will indicate which line the problem is on, then you can debug and fix the problem.
Jonathan [Darka] 10-Jun-13 4:49am View    
No need to import, simply add the same code files that are in one project to the other.

You could also modify the XML of the solution/project file to tell it which version you are using (See Solution 2) but be aware this will not work if you have used features from a newer version of .NET and then attempt to get your application to work with an older version - not without changing the code anyway.
Jonathan [Darka] 17-Apr-13 8:28am View    
What have you tried, did google provide any help for you?
Show us your code that doesn't work and we can help diagnose it