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Comments by Thomas Daniels (Top 200 by date)

Thomas Daniels 17-May-20 10:29am View    
I don't know, sorry.
Thomas Daniels 9-Feb-20 7:01am View    
Well, if you have a good reason to believe that the automatic GC firing is insufficient for your application, then you can do it. But as phil.o said, it requires a thorough understanding of the GC.
Thomas Daniels 9-Feb-20 6:56am View    
But why would you do that?
Thomas Daniels 18-Jan-20 8:48am View    
now you have strHtml = '' and strHtml += something. Replace that first by strParts = [] and the second with strParts.push(something). After the loop, you can do strHtml = strParts.join("");

For the second question, I don't know what you mean. You can just do shuffle(yourArray);.
Thomas Daniels 12-Jan-20 6:07am View    
I said that in my last comment... easiest way it to follow my second bullet point. Then you just have to replace one line of code.