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855 20-Jun-19 3:22am View
i trust the users here.
855 29-May-19 21:47pm View
in this case,i think the Chat.cs hosted in the web app. why the UseAzureSignalR is needed?
855 29-May-19 4:57am View
what is the best way to schedule back up plan. keep all the back up files and never clear up?
855 25-Sep-18 12:18pm View
It helps, thank you.

services.AddTransient<icontrolpanel>(serviceProvider =>
var context = serviceProvider.GetRequiredService<ihttpcontextaccessor>().HttpContext;
var userHeader = context.Request.Headers["loggedInUser"];
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(userHeader)) return new GuestControlPanel();
if ("admin" == userHeader) return new AdminControlPanel();
return new NormalUserControlPanel(userHeader);
855 25-Sep-18 2:40am View
Thank you,lw@zi. i just realized that DI in core is not as powerful as other IoC provider.
Could you provide a factory implementation?
855 23-Sep-18 11:32am View
my goal is to share the ProductType in each child class.
In this scenario, do you have other suggestions? thanks.
855 23-Sep-18 11:31am View
my goal is to share the producttype in each child class.
in this scenario, do you have other suggestion?
855 22-Sep-18 14:13pm View
Say i have a Product class which has a ProductType field. And two child class, mouse and keyboard which ProductType is mouse or keyboard. So the ProductType can be used in the scope of each child class.
855 7-Jun-18 2:36am View
what i have are a batch of insert statement,i don't have a datatable as the example.
855 6-Jun-18 2:56am View
this doesn't wok for me
855 4-Jun-18 3:36am View
the URL point to this post
855 19-Apr-18 11:29am View
what kind of request could be used?
855 19-Apr-18 11:16am View
how to fill authentication textboxes? the login area is not a form build using html. it is a windows popup Authentication window.
855 15-Oct-17 8:47am View
855 13-Oct-17 9:52am View
I tried that it doesn't work.
855 13-Oct-17 9:32am View
is that the only way to do that? i already have the CompanyGUID, i don't want to connect database to get Company object. i don't need that
855 1-Oct-17 12:36pm View
leaf node need images
855 1-Oct-17 11:43am View
i debuged it, tn.ImageIndex = -1 and tn.Imagekey = null. at this point time, it use the default icon, i just want to know how to remove the default icon.
855 30-Sep-17 21:53pm View
it's not a real code in project. i just want to show when the image of non-leaf nodes are set tn.ImageIndex = -1; , a default icon still there and how to remove it.
855 30-Sep-17 8:42am View
typo should be ImageKey
855 25-Sep-17 4:37am View
i tried the transitional way, use two loops, it's very slow.
855 25-Sep-17 4:37am View
i tried the transitional way, use two loops, it's very slow.
855 25-Sep-17 4:35am View
additional, need to compare each column in the data table.
855 23-May-12 10:58am View
Thanks, but I still want to get the information from who has read some real good book and can tell me in a straightforward wasy