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Comments by DiponRoy (Top 16 by date)

DiponRoy 5-Jan-15 12:05pm View    
you should provide the related tables struct.
DiponRoy 24-Sep-14 12:55pm View    
hmm ... it's true that i haven't worked with the most efficient solution.

But once i worked on a project where every table had a log table for it self. If an affect like add/update/delete was been made for a row of a table, the full row was been transferred to the log table.

and some time one requirement was affecting more that 3 or 4 main tables.

and about 450 people was been affecting rows every day. But this solution worked for us. So you can try out this. How about you make a test page like this and take a load test .. !!!
DiponRoy 24-Sep-14 3:12am View    
If there is no other relation/tables between them, how to you expect to find the branch name !!! Is there any chance that 4's Branch be "ABD", 7's "AD", 9's "A" .. !!!

Or is there any table with holds the basic Sno and Branch info !!!
Or a table that specify a Branch should full some specific Sno's
DiponRoy 24-Sep-14 3:00am View    
what is the abstract relation between the Sno and Branch column? Like is there any other tables to explain the relation
DiponRoy 22-Sep-14 16:33pm View    
can you just show the server end method/code(web service/service/WebApi/action) where you trying to post such?