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mhd.sbt 12-Jan-18 12:17pm View    
which one?
mhd.sbt 8-Jan-18 0:56am View    
Hello PIEBALDconsult :)
In this businesses there are sum personnel With same Effectivedate and one CardNo،
I want To Filter This personnel ، If this query face With this condition we must return 0 and in another case We must return related Personnel with carno :(
and this new script is worked Correctly ، bu has Low Perfomance With Large Data
mhd.sbt 18-Sep-16 4:15am View    
finally i want to Get related Personnel to CardNO in each Time(Date)

tblPersonnelDetails can be contain Several Row With EffectiveDate And CardNo for one Personnel
mhd.sbt 18-Sep-16 3:48am View    
No Your Solution Is Incorrect , assume That @data Containt 200 Row With Diffrent Time and Also Ignore @cardNo variable
mhd.sbt 18-Sep-16 1:52am View    
ok How Can I do this , In Each Iteration Time Variable Change With Cursor Loop ,
and can Be have diffrent Time , so , how to Change Above Query Without Cursor ,
have an idea, to change this query?