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Comments by Huseyin Atasoy (Top 7 by date)

Huseyin Atasoy 3-Oct-12 13:42pm View    
I think some experienced users are always disinclining new users on CP.
I have encountered with such users when I was writing articles. Then I have decided not to write any article again.
And now, I decided not post any answer as well. (I know, you don't care about that.)
You can warn without downvoting. If you had warned me, maybe you would see something like "Thanks, you are right."
Additionally your profile is full of "My vote of 1". Don't you think that you are discouraging new users?
Huseyin Atasoy 3-Oct-12 12:51pm View    
I am just trying to give the answer. I don't have to think if she will learn, this is her problem! If she want, she can learn many things from an example. We are not her teachers.
There was a question and this is the answer.
Please don't downvote the answers again for your personal obsessions!
Huseyin Atasoy 2-Oct-12 15:03pm View    
I think you don't need a complex system that uses a camera. You can use an infrared receiver/transmitter and parallel or serial ports to implement a simple product counter...
Huseyin Atasoy 28-Sep-12 14:41pm View    
In MS 2010 there is a built in converter.
Open your doc file with MS Word 2010, then click "File" > "Save as". Select *.mhtml from "File Type" list...
Huseyin Atasoy 25-Sep-12 4:21am View    
You can use anything that you want instead of {{}}. For example you can write <myvalue> or valMYVALUEval. We do that just to make them unique in a html page to prevent real contents from being replaced and making it easy to understand that they will be replaced.