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C-P-User-3 6-Jan-23 7:26am View    
"...Do you get an ERR_blah_blah code at the bottom of the page?..."

Sorry, Mr. Fail Expert here. Your brain is better than mine; duh; when will I remember to take screen caps ?

Lesson learned: if (probably "when") it happens next time, take a screen cap, and copy and paste what I can into my text editor.
C-P-User-3 5-Jan-23 15:39pm View    
The link you provided has this blurb...

"...This article applies to Windows Server 2003 and earlier versions of Windows. For registry keys that apply to Windows Server 2008 and later versions of Windows, see the TLS Registry Settings...."

Is that relevant to my immediate concern ?
C-P-User-3 5-Jan-23 15:36pm View    
"...What error message do you get when the problem occurs?..."

From an HTTPS site, my browsers report: "No Internet"

From an HTTP site, all is well, totally smooth sailing

I have vocabulary and protocol study in front of me, as I don't know about TLS1.2 //// Will click, read, and see if I can make any sense out of this.
C-P-User-3 6-Dec-16 21:58pm View    
Here is your Number One error: You are not commenting your code.

Edit this source, with a useful comment on EACH AND EVERY instruction and...

* You will immediately find your own error
* If not, I am confident that others will find it quickly

Really, drop me a message after adding adquate comments and I'll be happy to take a second look at it.
C-P-User-3 7-Sep-15 15:08pm View    
I have no document, no evidence to prove what I'm writing here, but I am _SO_ confident that I saw this work properly a week or two ago.