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Comments by Vivek_Dutta (Top 5 by date)

Vivek_Dutta 3-Jan-23 8:54am View    
Thank you sharing the update and glad to hear you found the solution.
Vivek_Dutta 30-Dec-22 12:40pm View    
Looking by your shared error messages, I found This looks like the problem was resolved and it was related to the versions. Please keep us posted on your finding to solve the issue.
Vivek_Dutta 30-Dec-22 12:35pm View    
Thank you Grant. I just shared because I found the more recent and improved solution. I will stick to new questions.
Vivek_Dutta 29-Dec-22 13:07pm View    
I think Gerry has a point. But I would also like to add please check if you have .Net 6 runtime installed.
Vivek_Dutta 23-Aug-19 8:37am View    
Thank you for emphasizing the key points. I surely have missed that. The files could be staged on the server (API can just dump the flat files to a server location) and a windows service could read each file and transact the data into the DB. Making sure no other process inserts records into these tables.