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Comments by Benjamin Nguyễn Đạt (Top 12 by date)

Benjamin Nguyễn Đạt 22-Jun-14 23:31pm View    
Thank you Jafarinejadvazifehkhorani!

So that in addition to get acquainted with the Windows Workflow Rule Engine, I must get to know Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) first. Is that right?

Thank you for your time! :)
Benjamin Nguyễn Đạt 6-May-14 2:45am View    
Hi SA, sorry you that my English not quite good to get all your points.

The Global.A and Local.A, they define the same properties ( e.g Name, Age ).
First, I decided to write a generic method as also described above, but then I realized that it would be impossible for the T to derived from both Local.A & Global.A.
So, I went with the overload solution.

My question is :
- Is there any way for the T to derive from more than one class in the generic method?

Once you give me the answer yes or no, I could solve it myself.

Thanks for your consideration.
Benjamin Nguyễn Đạt 6-May-14 2:17am View    
Yes they're both class.
Benjamin Nguyễn Đạt 6-May-14 1:08am View    
Thanks for your consideration. My purpose here is just want to write a common method to use with both of two Type ( Local.A , Global.A these 2 classes have exactly the same properties ). This method will get the data on the LOCAL or GLOBAL depends on your passed in params. I'm working with NHibernate.
Benjamin Nguyễn Đạt 25-Mar-14 6:03am View    
Thank you for your time! I can't thank you enough. cheer! :)