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Wastedtalent 8-Mar-19 4:48am View    
So I am, I stand corrected.
Wastedtalent 8-Mar-19 4:17am View    
Not according to Microsoft:

"You can use this method to display a non-modal form."
Wastedtalent 6-Mar-19 6:00am View    
Click the button?

Seriously, you need to provide a bit more information.
Wastedtalent 5-Mar-19 10:57am View    
" I think that the best approache is DDD (or hexagonal) maybe both but I have some questions:
1- DDD vs hexagonal (I can't find the real difference) "

If you don't know or can't find the difference, how/why do you think one is the best approach over the other? That makes no sense.

I'm sure a little bit of research will go along way, we will not do your homework for you.

Good luck!
Wastedtalent 5-Mar-19 5:29am View    
Is this any use to you?