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Comments by Brian A Stephens (Top 75 by date)

Brian A Stephens 11-Apr-15 10:33am View    
@prasannakumarmp: That's all the code you need. Just wrap it in a $(document).ready(), though, to be sure. I'll update the solution.
Brian A Stephens 18-Dec-14 15:27pm View    
It still allows for one-digit and three-digit years, as the OP requested. Not sure what dates he's expecting, but (\d{2}){1,2} might be better.
Brian A Stephens 18-Dec-14 15:00pm View    
Reason for my vote of 5 \n This provides a good background for the purpose and goals of Angular. Nice job!
Brian A Stephens 27-Aug-14 13:48pm View    
jQuery simplifies the process of getting code to fire after the DOM is fully loaded: use $(document).ready()
Brian A Stephens 26-Aug-14 8:51am View    
Sorry, I forgot about that stipulation. I've updated it now.