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AnswerRe: Email notification doubling - a new twist? Pin
Patrice T14-Jul-22 20:41
mvePatrice T14-Jul-22 20:41 
SuggestionInjustice Pin
Randor 10-Jul-22 21:54
professional Randor 10-Jul-22 21:54 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Chris Maunder11-Jul-22 5:32
cofounderChris Maunder11-Jul-22 5:32 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Randor 12-Jul-22 15:19
professional Randor 12-Jul-22 15:19 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Greg Utas12-Jul-22 16:05
mveGreg Utas12-Jul-22 16:05 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Randor 12-Jul-22 16:39
professional Randor 12-Jul-22 16:39 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Pete O'Hanlon13-Jul-22 2:57
mvaPete O'Hanlon13-Jul-22 2:57 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Randor 13-Jul-22 4:29
professional Randor 13-Jul-22 4:29 

I think fast-tracking accounts off the site is useful for certain scenarios. But putting members on a 'Spammers' list because they had a disagreement is inaccurate and unfair. We need to treat everyone equally, new members should be treated with the same respect as the veterans. When two members are having a disagreement we should look carefully at both sides.

The site should rely on each other, we are all friends. Two members spoke up early to indicate what we already knew.
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Pete O'Hanlon13-Jul-22 5:15
mvaPete O'Hanlon13-Jul-22 5:15 
JokeRe: Injustice Pin
Randor 13-Jul-22 5:41
professional Randor 13-Jul-22 5:41 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Richard MacCutchan13-Jul-22 6:04
mveRichard MacCutchan13-Jul-22 6:04 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Randor 13-Jul-22 6:20
professional Randor 13-Jul-22 6:20 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Richard MacCutchan13-Jul-22 6:24
mveRichard MacCutchan13-Jul-22 6:24 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Randor 13-Jul-22 6:36
professional Randor 13-Jul-22 6:36 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
0x01AA13-Jul-22 7:53
professional0x01AA13-Jul-22 7:53 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Nelek13-Jul-22 21:40
protectorNelek13-Jul-22 21:40 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Randor 15-Jul-22 2:19
professional Randor 15-Jul-22 2:19 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Nelek15-Jul-22 10:24
protectorNelek15-Jul-22 10:24 
QuestionRe: Injustice Pin
Randor 15-Jul-22 15:43
professional Randor 15-Jul-22 15:43 
AnswerRe: Injustice Pin
Richard MacCutchan15-Jul-22 21:35
mveRichard MacCutchan15-Jul-22 21:35 
AnswerRe: Injustice Pin
Nelek16-Jul-22 8:22
protectorNelek16-Jul-22 8:22 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
0x01AA16-Jul-22 8:40
professional0x01AA16-Jul-22 8:40 
GeneralRe: Injustice Pin
Nelek16-Jul-22 9:44
protectorNelek16-Jul-22 9:44 
SuggestionDuplicated comment on article Pin
Greg Utas8-Jul-22 15:12
mveGreg Utas8-Jul-22 15:12 
GeneralRe: Duplicated comment on article Pin
Peter_in_27808-Jul-22 15:35
professionalPeter_in_27808-Jul-22 15:35 

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